What’s MeepleCon 2017?

There are lots of great reasons to go to MeepleCon 2017! Everyone gets something different out of their experiences, but here are some prominent reasons that this board game convention might interest you.

You want to:

  • play a lot of games
  • try the hot new games before they are released
  • meet your favourite Indian designers, authors, artists, publishers, or media personalities
  • compete in gaming tournaments
  • survey lots of different board games from different publishers to find something new that you might like
  • meet other gamers with similar interests
  • hear talks and panels about topics in the industry that interest you
  • get ahold of your local gaming group to play your favorite games on a regular basis

If any of those interest you, then giving MeepleCon 2017 a shot might be right up your alley! In all honesty, there is so much more to do, but these are a few of the cool things that really stand out.